04.02.2017 Toni Dovenski visited Rotary Club Chisinau, Moldova D2241. Meeting with Inga Albu and Ecaterina Tcacenco was made.  

18.10.2016 Meeting with Governor Joze Zadravec of D1912.  

13.08.2016 Second donation from members of Rotary Club Kumanovo brought detergents, liquid soaps, canned food, diapers for babies and accessories for people who were severely flooded. Entire donation was brought in Red Cross Skopje - Momin Potok. This donation was 60.000 Denars. Additional donation from Rotaract was 10.000 denars, which included rubber boots, working gloves and diapers for babies.  

11.08.2016 Members of Rotary Club Kumanovo brought 1.500 liters of detergents, liquid soaps, and bleach for cleaning in Stajkovci, which was severely hit by flood. This entire amount is planned to be used by 300 households. This donation was 72.000 Denars.  


30.06.2016 Celebration 2011-2016 Rotary Club Kumanovo. Our new club's president is Zoran Jakimovski PhD.  

05.12.2015 Inner wheel Kumanovo was Chartered.  

27.04.2015 Members of RC Kumanovo atennded Gala Dinner with President od Rotary International.  

23.04.2015 Education workshop "Introduction to Rotaract".  


11.04.2015 Humanitarian action "Create better tommorow, donate small help a lot" was organized by Rotary Club Kumanovo, Rotaract and Inner wheel Kumanovo.



16.12.2014 Donation of blood and collecting of old clothes was organized by Rotary Club Kumanovo.


29.11.2014 Ping-pong tournament



29.09.2014 Tennis tournament

14.08.2014 Visit of Rotary Club Arlington from our member Prof. Dovenski. Steve Klemp Past President from Rotary Club of Arlington, Virginia, USA with Prof. Dovenski.

20.06.2014 Rotary Club Kumanovo celebrated three years of chartering. Our new President is Branko Zafirovski for 2014-2015. Members of our club are proud to present our first Rotaract Club Kumanovo, charter President of Rotaract Club Kumanovo is Monika Dovenska.







18.05.2014 Members of Rotary Club Kumanovo collected various food, water and personal hygiene things for persons in heavilly flooded areas in Serbia. All of the gathered things were transported with van in Red Cross of Macedonia.



22.04.2014 Rotary Club Kumanovo organized seminar on subject Movements in prices of real estate here in the last 10 years, and looking forward for the same in future. Speaker was member from Rotary Club Kumanovo.


07.12.2013 Rotary Club Kumanovo organized humanitarian action for collecting old clothes, and blood donation action.




15.11.2013 Rotary Club Kumanovo organized visit in ZOO for children from Poraka Nasa, in Skopje.




05.11.2013 Rotary Club Kumanovo organized seminar, on subject Lending in favor of development. Speakers were members from Rotary Club Kumanovo.




02.11.2013 Meeting of Association of Rotary Clubs in Macedonia was held in Bitola.


12.10.2013 Twinning between Rotary Club Kumanovo and Rotary Club Vranje was signed in Vranje. Members from RC Kumanovo were present on celebration for fifth year of Rotary Club Vranje.

















04.10.2013 Art colony was organized by Prof. Jakimovski, and was supported by Rotary Club Kumanovo.






















27.09.2013 Humanitarian Tenis tournament with support of Rotary Club Kumanovo, JP Kumanovo Parking, and Association of Sports, was organized for the first time in Kumanovo. Our club donated 20.000 denars to Poraka Nasa, funds collected from Donators in this humanitarian tournament.















04.07.2013 Presentation of book Balcan Megaethnicum from Professor Dimitar Mircev, with help from members of Rotary Club Kumanovo was organized in Kumanovo.












29.06.2013 President and members of Rotary Club Kumanovo were present on Charter of Rotary Club Kocani.





29.06.2013 President and Charter President were present on celebration organised by Rotary Club od Sofia, Kyustendil and Samokov.



28.06.2013 Secretar of Rotary Club Kumanovo was present on Charter of Rotary Club Negotino.




28.06.2013 President and members of Rotary Club Kumanovo were present in Ohrid, on conference organized by Association of Rotary Clubs in Macedonia, on subject Future of the Region.








01.06.2013 Two years of Chartering of Rotary Club Kumanovo, was celebrated in Restaurant Viziana.

































23.02.2013 Charter President and Next President of RC Kumanovo were present in Cukarica, Belgrade on Celebration of 108 years of Rotary International.

Inter Country committees were created between Macedonia and Serbia.

RC Kumanovo and RC Cukarica signed agreement for twining in between.













President and secretar from Rotary Club Kumanovo visited Charter celebration of Rotary Club Beli Mugri from Veles.















Humanitarian concert for Poraka Nasa under patronage of Rotary Club Kumanovo was held.

















Celebration for one year of Rotary Club Kumanovo was held in Etno Selo.

New president of Rotary Club Kumanovo for 2012-2013 is Dragan Jordanovski.















Today members from Rotary Club Kumanovo visited Center for People with Intellectual Difficulties "Poraka Nasa". Our members brought financial help to this Center.

We would like to express special thanks to Supermarket Super srk, and their involvment to this event.
















New Year's celebration was organized by Rotary club Kumanovo.
We are proud to present our new members, in Rotary club Kumanovo, as fellows Rotarians. More than sixty guests were present on this New Year's celebration.






Official visit to the Rotary Club of Nis - Konstantin the Great was made, from President and Secretar of Rotary club Kumanovo.




President, Secretar and one member from Rotary club Kumanovo were present on the celebration of 10-th year of existence of Rotary club Veles.


Work meeting with Dr. Anton Hilsher - representative from Rotary International, was held in Veles. Members from four clubs discussed on new situation for Non - Districted Clubs.


05.06.2011 Speech by President of the Rotary Club of Kumanovo

Dear Rotarians, dear guests,

At first, I would like to express my gratitude in my own behalf and on behalf of members of the Rotary Club of Kumanovo who pointed us to honor and joining us in our celebration together to celebrate the day when our club becomes part of the great Rotary family . Special thanks to all who are now in the name of good faith and in the name of the message of humanity and benefactions which spreads the Rotary Club where he is present everywhere, contributing with his presence tonight's celebration. Each of you...


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