Speech by President of the Rotary Club of Kumanovo

Dear Rotarians, dear guests,

At first, I would like to express my gratitude in my own behalf and on behalf of members of the Rotary Club of Kumanovo who pointed us to honor and joining us in our celebration together to celebrate the day when our club becomes part of the great Rotary family . Special thanks to all who are now in the name of good faith and in the name of the message of humanity and benefactions which spreads the Rotary Club where he is present everywhere, contributing with his presence tonight's celebration. Each of you present tonight to participate in the idea of helping those who might not most, but certainly more than all of us need - children of the residents association of people with disabilities Our Message from Kumanovo and what am eternally grateful. I hope we manage to awaken the children smile and that will contribute little to the razubavime life. Let their smile mark the beginnings of the activities of the Rotary Club - Kumanovo.
Tonight we are gathered to celebrate humanity, kindness and solidarity. They say that one of the most relevant factors leading a happy life is the sense of giving the feeling of putting all their resources, knowledge and experience in service of helping others. Awareness of the contribution of the individual can make in creating a better world and a sense of grandeur which it causes the best feel of the meetings with my colleagues Rotarijanci.

The strong desire to contribute to creating conditions for better life in the community in which they live, and governed by Rotarijanskoto motto - "Serving to themselves," speaks of people who characterize altruism, humanity and honesty. The energy produced by these people, and then positively directed thanks to strong faith and belief in the positive principles of charity work, gives a strong contribution to all five types of services that constitute the foundations of philosophy Rotarijanskata:

Club services that focus on strengthening fellowship and ensuring the effective functioning of the club.

Professional services, which Rotarijancite serve others in frames of their professional qualifications, and thereby applying high ethical standards.

Community Services, which include projects and activities which members of the club have undertaken to improve the quality of life in their communities and environments.

International services, including actions taken to increase the reach of the Rotary Club anywhere in the world and to encourage understanding and world peace.

Services for the new generation who recognized the positive changes implemented by youth leadership of development activities, projects and exchange programs.

Rotary Club - Kumanovo became a member of Rotarian family in December 2010, governed by the principles and fundamental values Rotarian philosophy, will strive to promote integrity and improving understanding and world peace through its members, business leaders and leaders the community.
What pleased me most and what I am most proud is the fact that Rotarians from Kumanovo were many before the club officially formed to acquire membership and membership card. These are people who Rotarijanskite cherished values ​​and principles in their daily professional, social and social action and to gain the status that they have today. True Rotarijanci are identified by a strong will and determination to make changes, and this is precisely the properties of members of the Rotary Club of Kumanovo.
Great honor and pleasure to be president of the club with such strong potential, but is even greater responsibility to deal with the challenges in achieving the objectives of the club, which I feel especially honored.
In the period following a Rotary Club in Kumanovo plan, organize several humanitarian events, the end of the year to raise funds for those most in need in our community, and it's "Poraka Nasa " - Kumanovo. The Government is planning and organizing the youth wing of the Club - Rotaract - Kumanovo membership of the younger generations that we hope will bring new, fresh energy for the purpose of propagation and cultivation of positive values among young people in the city.
With hopes of making a club that manages to make positive changes and will be able to contribute to improving the quality of life, not only in the community, but also beyond, I urge you to give their support in building a stronger and better Rotary Kumanovo based on solidarity, humanity and kindness.

Thank you,
President of Rotary Club of Kumanovo